Term used in Japanese martial arts referring to a form of practice in which a person defends himself against multiple attackers in quick succession without knowing how they will attack or in what order.

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[PUBLICATION] Mobile Hacking CheatSheet

Davy Douhine 1 min

Last year, after noticing that no serious cheatsheet about mobile security was around, we’ve published a first attempt to summarise a few interesting basics info regarding tools and commands needed to assess the …


UDP Technology IP Camera vulnerabilities

Titouan Lazard, Ibrahim Ayadhi 26 min

At Randorisec, we have been looking at UDP Technology IP Camera firmwares for a long time now. UDP Technology is providing a firmware for many IP Camera vendors such as: Geutebruck Ganz Visualint Cap THRIVE Intelligence …

Responsible disclosure

[TRAINING] Mobile Hacking Online - June 2021

Davy Douhine 3 min

We are pleased to announce that we are going to give a new session of our Mobile Hacking training in an online form!. Save the date June 21, 22 and 23 2021. Here is the pitch of the training: Guillaume Lopes and Davy …


[WORKSHOP] BSides Dublin 2021 - Android/iOS Mobile Hacking Workshop

Davy Douhine 2 min

This year, RandoriSec had the chance to deliver a mobile hacking workshop at BSides Dublin. The first two hours of the workshop were dedicated to Android and was delivered by Guillaume Lopes. Then, the second part was …