Term used in Japanese martial arts referring to a form of practice in which a person defends himself against multiple attackers in quick succession without knowing how they will attack or in what order.

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[CVE-2022-34918] A crack in the Linux firewall

Arthur Mongodin 12 min

In our previous article Yet another bug into Netfilter, I presented a vulnerability found within the netfilter subsystem of the Linux kernel. During my investigation, I found a weird comparison that does not fully …


[CONFERENCE] Pass the SALT 2022

Brendan Guevel 7 min

Pass the SALT est une conférence combinant deux domaines : la sécurité informatique et le logiciel libre. La première édition a vu le jour en 2018, et après deux années en mode online, l’évènement revient sur site …


Yet another bug into Netfilter

Arthur Mongodin 13 min

This year, I have done my end-of-study internship at Randorisec, the original purpose of my internship was to study different ways of doing variant analysis on open-sources project but also on closed-source software …



RandoriSec 9 min

A few people from RandoriSec went in Rennes for the 20 years of SSTIC! As usual now, the conference took place at Couvent des Jacobins from 1 to 3 June 2022. Here is a quick review of the talks that interested us. …