Davy Douhine 2 min

We’re glad to announce that our Mobile Hacking course and workshop will be delivered in a many different infosec conferences in the following weeks: virtually and in english for OWASP AppSec Israel and HITB CyberWeek, in real life but in french for another infosec conference and, also a French school but we’ll make another post for that.

OWASP AppSec Israel 2020 - Workshop - October 27


We’ll deliver two virtual workshops: one will be focused on Android apps and the other one on iOS apps. Here is the agenda of this 2 x 2 hours workshop:

  • Understand Android and iOS basics
  • Introduce the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide
  • Learn how to use the common tools (adb, apktool, JADX, Frida, Objection, Cydia Impactor, Hopper, rvictl and rvi_capture)
  • Practice on how to resolve the OWASP Android crackmes (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and iGoat and DVIA challenges

More information will be provided soon: https://appsecil.org

HITB CyberWeek - 3 days training - November 16-18

HITB CyberWeek

And we’ll deliver a virtual training for HITB to go deeper and learn how to assess the security of Android and iOS applications. Here is the main agenda:

  • Introduce the OWASP MSTG (Mobile Security Testing Guide) and the MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard)
  • Learn Android and iOS security basics
  • Know how to build an Android and iOS pentest toolset
  • Learn how to review the codebase of a mobile application (aka static analysis)
  • Run the mobile application on a rooted device (to check data security issues)
  • Inspect the app via instrumentation and manipulate the runtime (aka runtime analysis)
  • Man in The Middle all the network communications (aka inspect the traffic)

The full detail of the course can be found on the HITB website: