[WORKSHOPS] BSides Budapest 2020 - Android and iOS workshops online

Last year, at BSides Budapest, we delivered a workshop about Mobile Hacking on Android and iOS. The idea, we had at this time, was to give a very short introduction of our 3 days training about Mobile Hacking. Note: This training was already delivered at Hack In Paris (2019), at DeepSec (2018 and 2019) and also online (2020). However, we noticed that 2 hours are too short to be able to introduce different concepts in Android and iOS mobile apps…

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[TRAINING] Mobile Hacking

Security conferences are an excellent way to access top-notch quality trainings but with all this actual mess they are cancelled or postponed. However, life keeps going and we still need to train in order to improve our skills. So, we are pleased to announce that we are going to offer our Mobile Hacking training in an online form! Of course, we prefer to have real interactions with the attendees because we think it’s the best way to give trainings but as nodoby actually knows when this will be possible again, we want to try our best to continue to train whoever wants to learn mobile security.

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[CONFERENCE] Conférence en ligne - RandoriSec and friends

Toutes les conférences des semaines passées et à venir étant annulées, nous organisons une conférence en français et en ligne autour de trois thèmes : Sécurité mobile Sécurité bancaire SWIFT Sécurité opérationnelle : PatrOwl et TheHive La conférence s’ouvrira avec un thème que l’on affectionne chez RandoriSec : la sécurité des applications mobiles. Guillaume Lopes nous expliquera, à partir de ses recherches effectuées sur le Google Play Billing, les conditions et le mode opératoire pour contourner les paiements InApp.

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