[Training/Conference] Hack In Paris 2019

RandoriSec was at Hack In Paris 2019 and it was wonderful! This 9th edition took place at Maison de la Chimie in Paris (of course;)). The event was divided in two parts: June 16th to 18th: 3 days of trainings with 13 different subjects (IoT, ICS, Windows exploitation, Web and mobile hacking, etc.) June 19th to 20th: 2 days of talks with a unique track.

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[Training/Conference] HIP – Mobile Hacking Training (17/18 June)

Guillaume Lopes (@Guillaume_Lopes) and Davy Douhine (@ddouhine), senior pentesters, will share many techniques, tips and tricks to deliver to pentesters, bug bounty researchers or just curious a 100% hands-on 2 days mobile training. Goal is to introduce tools (Adb, Apktool, Jadx, Cycript, Frida, Hopper, Needle, etc.) and techniques to help you to work faster and in a more efficient way in the mobile (Android and iOS) ecosystem. This is the exact training that you would have liked to have before wasting your precious time trying and failing while testing.

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