[Training/Conference] DeepSec 2019

Training During the DeepSec event, we gave our Mobile Hacking training (this training was also provided at Hack In Paris). This training presented the toolset needed when assessing mobile applications (such as adb, Apktool, Jadx, Androguard, Cycript, Frida, Needle and MobSF) and, also, the techniques to help you to work faster and in a more efficient way in the mobile ecosystem. This 2-days training focused on Android and iOS applications.

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[Training/Conference] DeepSec 2019 - Mobile Hacking / Abusing Google Play Billing

RandoriSec is going back to DeepSec (Vienna, Austria) this year. Guillaume Lopes will give a talk about abusing the Google Play Billing API and he’ll give a training with Davy Douhine. The Mobile Hacking training, running the 27 and 28 November, is intended for penetration testers, bug bounty researchers or just curious who would like to improve their security testing skills applied to the mobile ecosystem. The objective of the course is to introduce the basic toolset (Adb, Apktool, Jadx, Cycript, Drozer, Frida, Hopper, Needle, etc.

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[Training/Conference] DeepSec – Advanced Penetration Testing in Real World (27/28 November)

RandoriSec is going to provide a training at DeepSec (Vienna, Austria) the 27 and 28 November. The training Advanced Penetration Testing in Real World is intended for penetration testers and security engineers who would like to improve their penetration testing skills or even to learn how to perform penetration tests from scratch (for motivated people). These 2 days of training will be intensive and will provide knowledge and techniques in different fields such as: Vulnerability exploitation, Network attacks, Password cracking, Web application vulnerabilities and Mobile application hacking.

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