Davy Douhine 1 min

Last year, after noticing that no serious cheatsheet about mobile security was around, we’ve published a first attempt to summarise a few interesting basics info regarding tools and commands needed to assess the security of Android and iOS mobile applications.

0.1 cheatsheet

It seemed well received by the security community and the bug bounty community, in particular despite a few typos. We’ve released a special version for the HITBCyberWeek a few months later, without the typos.

And now we are pleased to announce the v1.0 release. It could be useful for pentesters, bug hunters, security researchers and even mobile developers.

This release contains:

  • two pages cheatsheets per OS (2 pages for Android and 2 pages for iOS) in PDF and PNG formats, so if you want to print them you’ll have one double-sided sheet per OS.
  • the full cheatsheet on one Markdown page which will be easier to use for copy-paste.

The Github project page is Mobile Hacking CheatSheet